• Put a name tag on every piece of luggage. The complimentary paper bag tags available from the airline are flimsy and can tear off, making it much harder for airline personnel to figure out where your bag needs to go.
  • Check the baggage weight limits and pieces of luggage prior to arriving to the airport.
  • As of right now, Southwest is the only carrier not to charge on baggage domestically but that could be changing in 2015.
  • Beware of airlines that may charge extra fees for carry-on luggage and other ancillary charges that are normally included (i.e. Spirit)
  • Weigh your bags prior to arriving to the airport. There is nothing worse than someone opening their bags and repacking while slowing up the check in line – don’t be that person.
  • If your bag is not at baggage claim, ask the personnel to find out the location of your bag. Take advantage of tracking your bags online. Some examples are below.