• Global Entry (international)
    Applying and obtaining global entry will allow you to expedite your process when arriving back into the United States. See website for more information and instructions.
  • Known Traveler number (domestic)
  • Applying and receiving the known traveler number will allow you to enter the TSA precheck line and expedite your security process. The known traveler number must be on your reservation and in every one of your frequent flyer traveler programs.
  • Check your itinerary and make sure it is right including name and travel dates. The government mandates that passengers provide their date of birth.
  • Make sure your documents are in order-ID, passport, and visas. Most travel agencies use CIBT to provide guidelines for travel documents. There are many good resources but I have found them to be extremely helpful.
  • Canada is not part of the US (even if it’s a short flight). Bring your passport.
  • Even if you are traveling solely within the US, you may still want to consider bringing your passport. For example, if you are traveling from New York to Chicago and need to be rerouted due to weather / flight cancellations, you will have more options to choose from if you can include Canadian cities such as Toronto or Montreal.
  • Airlines are and will continue to operate with very high load factors which mean your flight will be full of people and if it is not enjoy that flight even more.
  • When you book hotels it is best to book a hotel with a cancellation policy. For example, hotels do have cancellation policies of 72, 48, 24 hours and sometimes same day at 4pm or 6pm. Be sure to read you’re the fine print on cancellation policies. I always advise to avoid nonrefundable hotels. Plans have a habit of changing.
  • When booking a car you will not need to enter in your credit card information. If you feel you will miss your flight and know you will have to drive back to your destination you can reserve your car in advance so you know you will have one. If you do not use it, please call the car rental company, as someone else will probably need it.
  • Hotels: if you are concerned that you will have to stay overnight at your connection city due to weather (the airline will not pay) it could be a good idea to book a hotel with a 6pm day of arrival cancel policy. If you do not use it make sure you cancel prior to 6pm or you will be charged for the night.